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Editor-in-Chief Agata Tanter talks to Chloe Bennet, BOSS ALIVE fragrance ambassador.


I get to meet Chloe Bennet, one of the ambassadors of the beautiful philosophy of BOSS ALIVE perfume, on the phone. Despite the fact that we are in different time zones and on different continents (Chloe lives in Los Angeles), I immediately feel the warmth and positive energy emanating from her. This is one of these woman to woman conversations which I find very inspiring and memorable.

You are a part of the beautiful project that is BOSS ALIVE and the philosophy of living the life to the fullest that is connected with it. Please tell me what makes you feel alive?

I think having time with my family makes me feel alive, when we meet and have a really big energetic meal. I grew up in a big family so my most prized time to this day is always just a big, joyful family meal. Spending quality time with my friends and my family definitely brings me joy. Being creative and working on set makes me feel alive, too.

Recently we have been affected by changes connected with Coronavirus, which forced us to alter our lifestyle. How are you coping with this? 

That’s true, there has been so much change recently, but it has also been a really interesting time for everybody. I think the key to coping with it is positive thinking.  Every day you wake up and you try to see the positive aspects of the situation. For me, for instance, having some forced downtime has been somewhat of a blessing in disguise. I’ve been working non-stop for ten years straight but now I have time, for example, to read books and to rediscover what I like outside of work. For many women, especially driven women who are passionate about their work, like me, it’s hard to slow down.  It has been really nice to rediscover my love of certain books and painting and cooking and just picking up the phone, calling my family and having longer conversations with them without rushing anywhere. So, I actually feel almost more connected to people than I did before.

Chloe Bennet in BOSS ALIVE campaign (photo: Courtsey of BOSS) 

How are you able to stay so optimistic? Do you have some tips on how to stay positive especially now?

I think you just have to be honest with yourself about the emotions that you’re feeling in the current situation. If you wake up and you’re feeling a little down, I guess my tip would be to be authentic about the way you feel. It does not make sense to try to force yourself into whatever someone on social media wants you to feel. It is important nowadays to be authentic. These are really tricky times and we have the right to wake up feeling bad and to have a bad day. And we also have the right the wake up and feel great and inspired. For me, it’s about not forcing any sort of narrative or agenda and letting myself go through this time as authentically as possible. Some days I’m feeling incredibly inspired and creative and I’m writing, painting and cooking and then some days I’m feeling less inspired, and that’s okay. So, I guess that would be my tip: do not let other people influence the way you feel. Especially social media can make you feel a little confused at times.

Let’s talk about fragrance. What role does it play in your life?

Especially now, when we are wearing the same sweatpants all day, there is nothing quite like a fragrance. I’ve been giving my skin a break from makeup for pretty much the entirety of this self-isolation period. But can always put on a fragrance and it’s such a great pick-me-up. The other day I I gave myself a little spritz of BOSS ALIVE before I painted and I was instantly inspired. A scent plays such an important role in how we take in the world around us. I think a bright, dynamic scent like this one can change the way you go about your day and boost your confidence.

Boss Alive, apart from the beautiful philosophy, also emphasizes the important social aspect of female solidarity and cooperation.  Could you elaborate on that?

What I love about the fragrance is that it is entirely a female product,through and through: designed, created and represented by women. I think the campaign speaks for itself in that you really see women coming from such unique backgrounds, very stripped down, with little to no makeup, with very natural hair. This campaign really celebrates the uniqueness of each person and anyone around the world can relate to one of us and get inspired. Nowadays on social media in so many images too many filters are used. Our campaign shows that our flaws make us unique. Each of us also has a different definition of fulfilment. The question about what makes you feel alive in our campaign is an open-ended one. I think a lot of other beauty campaigns tell you what to feel, whereas this one allows you to decide what to feel for yourself. I think that is the most beautiful thing about what they’ve done with BOSS ALIVE.

Chloe Bennet, BOSS ALIVE Ambassador (photo: Courtsey of BOSS) 

Apple, blackcurrant, plum, cinnamon, and Madagascar vanilla, sambac jasmine, and thyme, Chinese cedar, sandal and olivewood – these are amazing notes of BOSS ALIVE. Which ingredient would you single out as your favourites?

I really love the olive-wood and the sandalwood notes in this scent. I just think it’s so perfectly balanced. As someone who is a bit of a tomboy girly-girl I think BOSS ALIVE really works with all aspect of my life. I believe many women will appreciate this perfect balance of edginess with being incredibly feminine. I love the olive-wood in it. I’m smelling it right now and it instantly makes me feel better. I love the look of the bottle, too. This kind of peachy coral color is my favourite. A fragrance is also so much about how beautiful it also looks on my vanity and about the joy it gives me when I look at it.

What makes BOSS ALIVE special compared to other fragrances? Why did you decide to take part in this project and endorse the fragrance?

When they asked me to be a part of this project, for me it was an absolute no-brainer. I was just so honored to be a part of it. I think in this day and age it is not obvious, but I never attach myself to anything unless I believe in the product 100%. In case of BOSS ALIVE I fully believed in the people behind the product and in the message, that they’re sending to women everywhere that we should dare to search and learn more about ourselves and our lives. It’s been such a luxury and such a fun experience to get to promote a product with such a positive message. Honestly, it’s a huge thing to see yourself in a campaign. Like every girl, I loved to flip through magazines and look at ads and now when I see myself in one of those ads, it feels pretty surreal.

What advice would you give to women who lack the courage to live life to the fullest and to fulfil their dreams?

That’s a difficult question. I would say: be yourself. I think sometimes lack of courage comes from lack of understanding of what your real needs are. But once we stop trying so hard, that’s when things unfold and become really beautiful. The best thing you can do is to be as brave and as authentic to who you are as possible because we are all unique and that is our greatest strength. Once you dare to be yourself, many beautiful things will happen.

Have you got any motto which you are driven by in your life?

I will tell you about mu mum, who has always been my role model, and her story is a sort of motto of mine. She’s a doctor and she’s working on the front lines of the war against Covid-19. It’s just been so inspiring to see her working, when she is in her element. She’s always been such a superhero for me, but especially in these times I really admire her for how fearless and brave she is. She’s incredible: intelligent, beautiful, smart and fearless – so emblematic of BOSS ALIVE fragrance! I’m really proud of her. She is definitely my role model.

This is a beautiful motto indeed! Thank you for talking to us.


BOSS ALIVE (photo: Courtsey of BOSS) 

Fragrance BOSS Alive is available in Douglas and Sephora perfumeries, as well as douglas.pl and sephora.pl.

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