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...every feature of the famous Chanel 2.55 bag is dedicated to its designer Coco Chanel?

Bag, which is a apple in the eye of milions of fashionistas all over the world, was created in February 1995 and the date gave her a name – Chanel 2.55. Every feature of this universal project, starting from the lining to the famous chains has something in common with Coco’s experiences and lifestyle.

Brown lining is an echo of Chanel’s childhood, she grew up in a monastery wearing brownish uniform everyday. Zipped inside pocket in the bag’s front flap was a place where she kept her secrect love letters. The money was kept in the backside pocket. Unconvetional idea of golden chains was a result of Coco vision of comfort. She thought there had been nothing wrong with wearing a bag on woman’s arm instead of grabbing it in hand. It was such a practical point of view and so Chanelish.


Coco Chanel was a genious and from the 56 years everybody loves Chanel 2.55.

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