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28 February '11

What is your inspiration? Favourite designers for example.


Inspiration, for me, is found everywhere and often in the most unlikely of places. In the weather, a film, or even just a child's outfit as she walks by... I try to be open to everything around me and take it all on as a form of inspiration. In that sense, what I wear and how I present myself isn't static. It changes with my mood or what has caught my attention at that particular time. 


I do find a lot of inspiration from fellow bloggers and friends though. Watching the way other people put together an outfit is the best way to get ideas of how you can incorporate specific techniques into your own look. Each season I'll find there is one designer whose collection inspires my mood for that season. For Spring 2011 it was definitely Prada. The bold stripes and mish-mashed colours sent my heart flying.

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How did you come up with the whole blogging idea?

My blog started as something very different than what it is today. I would secretly snap people whose outfits I didn't like and then critique them on my blog. It was sort of an amalgamation of fashion dont's and tips on what you should wear. While I thought it was quite fun to write, it tended to have quite a negative focus which I didn't enjoy after a while. As my interests shifted the focus of the blog changed as well. 


Do you have a fashion background? What do you do for living?

No fashion background as such. I actually wanted to attend the London College of Fashion but was persuaded into doing a 'real' degree in Politics and International Relations instead. I then went on to do a Masters in Political Theory at the London School of Economics. It was during that time that I started the blog and when I finished the degree I decided I wanted to pursue fashion journalism full time. 



Your wardrobe's basics - things you cannot live without...


My wardrobe basics are pretty low key. Although I love dressing up and wearing beautiful clothes, most days I tend keep it pretty simple. Skinny jeans by Notify or J Brand, soft t-shirts from American Apparel, cashmere jumpers and converse are all my absolute staples. I'd be naked without them.


What is your vision of the perfect outfit? Which designers, what kind of pieces etc.


The perfect outfit would combine a few different elements. I love wearing pieces by new designers. For me, it's much more fun to wear an item that has a bit of mystery and that people haven't seen before. Plus, it's always such fun to be able to support people by showing off their clothes. So, I'd opt from some quirky pieces by a small designer and pair it with some bright stand out accessories. I don't tend to get very glammed up so if the dress was fitted I'd contrast that with something a bit more masculine and boyish like an oversized chunky cardigan or tough leather jacket. I'm also obsessed with big flat platforms and bright leather bags at the moment, so I'd include those in the outfit as well. 


Maybe you could add some tips for aspiring fashion bloggers?


The biggest tip I can offer up to aspiring fashion bloggers would be to keep at it and stay true to yourself. Blogging takes a lot of time and dedication. If it becomes something you don't enjoy it's impossible to continue updating. If you're passionate about what you are writing about that is an excellent starting point. Try to keep your content as original as possible rather than posting photos and information you've found on other sites. Let yourself shine through if you're comfortable doing so. People will come back to your site because they identify with you as a person not just because of what you post about. Also, get plugged in to as many social media outlets as you can. Set up a Facebook page, join Twitter, log on to Weardrobe and Chicisimo. The more exposure you can get for your site the better. Most importantly though, just try to enjoy what you are doing and let your blog develop and change as you do.


Your favorites shopping places in Europe are...


London is my favourite place to shop in Europe and I feel so lucky to have been exposed to the city for the past five years. It has everything to offer from the best of the high end designers (just pop into Selfridges), grungy vintage pieces (head to Brick Lane), and eclectic off beat finds (Portobello Market). England also has a great High Street with Topshop, Cos, and Zara that are all filled with incredible little gems. 



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