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28 February '12

She is much more famous abroad then in her home country – Poland. As an adolescent she didn't want to tell anybody at school that she’s a model. She has always been afraid of changing her hair style. Mostly, she likes her green eyes. You have to read our interview with Martyna Franków, who’s already well-known all around the world.


When and where did you start your modeling career?


I do modeling for about 2 and a half year now. Everything started on a website, well-known in Poland. It is true that nowadays the page has almost nothing to do with the real modeling, but it's a good start, especially for new faces and for young photographers.


Thanks to my friends I posted a couple of my photos on the website and that's how model scouts wrote to me, a person from my first agency, as well. Few times I’ve have been stopped in the streets of Wrocław and people from agencies were giving me their cards. I’ve been thinking what agency to choose and finally I decided to pick the AMQ Models.


You’re present on the runways for quite a long time.  You’ve already been in Tokyo, Barcelona, Paris and Berlin.  But still not a lot of people have heard about your success in Poland? Why is that?


I think the real world of fashion is New York, Milan and Paris. That's where I show up and where the real modeling starts. That’s where you can work with the greatest photographers, designers and fashion editors. In Poland the fashion industry is still developing and there aren’t many places for girls to find a job. People from my agencies told me that I don’t need to be famous in Poland in order to make a success, so now I focus on working abroad. Honestly, I was really glad about this, especially when I was in high school. I didn't want anybody to know what I was doing.


We heard that your new hair style made quite an impression in the world of fashion, but we know also that you didn't like it all, is that true?


That is true; changing my hair style has helped me very much.  Everybody thinks it shows my facial features and finally my long hair doesn’t cover up my face. At the begging it was quite hard for me to get used to my new look. I’ve always had long hair, till my waist and cutting them off, with bangs seemed like a crazy concept. But it turned out, that all I had to do is to accept to the new me. Now I think that my hair suits me more like this and they better correspond with my character. I’m ready for more changes or cuts, if necessary.


What do you think is your biggest success?


I consider my trip to New York as my greatest success. I spend some time in NYC where I had a chance to see the world of fashion and to work with world's most famous designers, photographers and stylists. I also think that a photo shoot for Elle and Marie Claire is a big success of mine, and recently I covered Grazia magazine and I did Chloe pre fall fashion show.


I have to admit that the meeting with Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin was a meaningful moment in my career and also meeting Steven Meisel, who is an absolute a guru of photography.


What bothers you in being a model?


One of the worst things is that often a model is treated with no respect. Of course, we’re there to present the clothes, but we cannot be treated as the actual hangers. We work a lot, but still so many people seem not to realize that a model can feel the pain and can be tired. Running all day long from one casting to another, waiting for hours to be photographed, preparations for the shows or fittings can really be exhausting.


How did you make it, school and modeling at the same time? What are your plans for the future as far as learning is concerned?


As I mentioned earlier, when I was going to high school I didn’t want anybody to know that I do modeling, especially not my teachers or the headmaster. I didn’t want to be treated in a different way because of that. The fact that I was working abroad or during the weekends was my own choice and I had to do everything on my own to catch up at school. Modeling hasn’t been an excuse. 


When during the last year of high school I went to Tokyo for one and a half month, I used to spend each and every free second on learning. When I was going for the castings I’ve been taking all of my books with me and in the evenings I copied materials from school that my friends were sending me. When it comes to the future, I’m totally going to study more. Now I decided to travel for a year, and then I would like to go to the University. Modeling has opened so many doors for me, for example to study abroad. The only problem is to pick up the right University; there are so many great schools all over the world.


Does this work cost you a lot? What did you sacrifice to be a model?


It is not easy, obviously. First of all, it's because you totally need to sacrifices all personal life. You're always on the way. You constantly miss your family and your friends; you spend hours and hours feeling lonely in a hotel or on a plane. You really need to be very strong mentally and you need a great support of your family. It’s not easy to plan anything for me, either. I don’t know where I’m going to be in a week, in a month or two. I can't plan any vacation, meetings with friends, my dad's birthday or any personal trips or meetings.


The WWD wrote about you that you’re a mix of Clémence Poésy and Penelope Cruz, what do you think about this?


I was quite surprised about these comparisons, although I’ve heard before that I’m looking like Gisele Bundchen, Blake Lively or Jennifer Conelly, but I can't really find any of similarities in my self. But if I had to choose who I’m more similar to, I'd choose Clemence, not only because of her looks, but also because of her personality. Penelope is a beautiful, mature woman, with some Latino roots. Poesy, on the other hand, is much younger, delicate, girly like and she comes from France. Maybe that's because a lot of people who don't know me think I'm French ...


Regarding your looks, what do you think is your greatest quality?


I like my eyes. I think eyes reflect the soul, and mine perfectly reflect me and my character.


Most of the models begin their careers in a very young age, but on the other hand they finish them very soon, as well. How do you see your future?


Unfortunately, a lot of girls decide to quit school for modeling and then they finish their career at the age of 20-21. I think I started in a perfect age, and mostly I am aware of the fact that modeling is temporarily, and it’s not going to last forever. But in the future I hope to work in the fashion industry or to work as a model and study at the University in the same time. I’m sure that you can bring together those two things, and I think modeling is the perfect beginning for what I’m planning to do in the future.


Have you ever tired doing something else in the fashion industry? Like styling, for example, lately lots of models decide to do this, or to try to do some photography.


When I was a little girl I dreamed about being a designer, but now I realize how hard it is. To achieve something important you need to be a real genius. I tried few times to style the photo shoot, it often happens that stylists are asking me during the photo shoot what do I think about this or that. I have to say it’s a great fun, but when it comes to my future, I think I’ll go in another direction. I’d prefer to write or work for a fashion magazine. I’m sure that all the experience that I gained and I'm still gaining, while traveling and meeting new people is finally going to pay off and help in my future job.


Can you tell us if we're going to see you anywhere any soon?


Soon there will be a lot of magazine editorials with me that I've recently been working on. I’m going to Tokyo in a couple of weeks, as well. It's one of my favorite places in the whole world so I don't mind staying there a little longer, if necessary. I really can't wait to go there.


We wish you … , what?


I think that a lot of health and strength - to accomplish my plans. I’m proud of what I’ve done so far, but I also realize that’s there’s still a lot to do and to discover.


Thank you for the interview.

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